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Creates the super storage object.

The following code would show you how to create super object in BaiduBCSClient
// You need to assign your bucket in your code
string bucket = "TestBucket";
// You need to assign your object name (file name) in your code
string objectName = "mergeTestByPath.txt";
// You need to assign your app key and your secret key in your code
var client = new BaiduBCSClient("your app key", "your secret key");

// This is just a test. We need to get bytes.
File.WriteAllText(@"D:\" + objectName, "Test string \n\r Hello world. Large File!!");

// If you set [deletePartsWhenFinish] as false, all small pieces of large file would be remained.
// Default value for [deletePartsWhenFinish ] is [True].
var md5 = client.CreateSuperStorageObject(new StorageObjectIdentity
    BucketName = bucket,
    ObjectName = objectName
}, @"D:\" + objectName, 10, true);

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